Wednesday 4 May 2011

Sisters Toe nails!

Hey all I forgot to add this on the last post but over easter I went home and did my sisters toe nails and my best friend jennies fingers.

I didn't get a picture of jennies but it was basically black with glitter over it with blue and white lines coming from the corners, looked awesome.

For my sisters I did a base coat using Barry M shocking pink them some glitter and designs!

On the big toe is rhinestones! Whoop! Hope you all like!

Do you have willing sisters, friends or mums who let you go crazy on their nails?



  1. Very cute designs you did a good job!

  2. @ BeauxesMom - Thank you! The other foot looked a bit different but its all good :) The big toes so big but the other toe nails are sooo small!

  3. Nice one, and have shown the good creativity by this way as well. Too attractive designs and i really like it.

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