Monday 30 May 2011

Long time no post! :/

Hey everyone, I am back again sorry I havn't posted in forever but I have just done my final year university exams!
My degree is over!!!!! 

So now I have to find a job which is going to be lame!

Anyway's here is something I tried out while "revising"

Base coat just black polish. Then using eye-shadow pigment power dusted onto the nail (which had wet clear polish on it) Used three different colours (light green, teal and dark blue) Then sealed with clear coat. After all the dust went away I added some shatter :)

If you want to have a tutorial on this I cant make one on request :)

This is what I was wearing for my final exam;

Gold- Barry M- Very shear needed 4 coats
White shatter also Barry M :)

I realllyyyyyy loved this, I reminds me of something but I can't figure out what! :)

I also bought a rimmel matt top coat which I'v been experimenting with so I shall post about that soon :)

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Shattered kinda mood :)

Hey everyone,

Iv seen lotsa posts all shattered polish themed at the moment so I got my Barry M out!

First I did my toe nails, Using revlon white on white, la colours purple glitter and Barry M black shatter. Sorry i didn't clean up!

You cant really see the purple glitter which is sad but just have to put on more next time. I left theses with no top coat so the shatter has a matt finish.

Then I moved onto my nails which iv not painted in a while because its healthy just to let them be natural for a while. They are actually stronger and grown longer :)

I used Sinful Colours hottie (3 coats) and a layer of Black shatter then a top coat. :)

The lighting isn't amazing but you can see the holo glitters in the second picture the best :)
Im liking the way the polish shattered today and may invest in the white shade in the range :)

Hope you guys like and tell me what shatter brand/colour do you like? There are sooo many out there at the moment! :)


Monday 9 May 2011

OPI Mulberry

Hey all!

So currently Im taking a 5 min break from revising for my River construction exam on friday :/

I got a massive selection of polishes through the post from ebay the other day (22 in total!) All really cheap there was 3 OPI's 3 Nubar's 2 La Colours and the rest are Barry M's awesome deal!

Anyway I thought Ill show you OPI's Thats Berry Daring - Mulberry. I love this colour its just perfect :) And the finish is awesome :)

Heres some piccy's I know they arent brilliant but I hope you get the colour! :) This was 3 coats but after one it was pretty solid!

Hope your all ok :)

Loveee xxxx

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Sisters Toe nails!

Hey all I forgot to add this on the last post but over easter I went home and did my sisters toe nails and my best friend jennies fingers.

I didn't get a picture of jennies but it was basically black with glitter over it with blue and white lines coming from the corners, looked awesome.

For my sisters I did a base coat using Barry M shocking pink them some glitter and designs!

On the big toe is rhinestones! Whoop! Hope you all like!

Do you have willing sisters, friends or mums who let you go crazy on their nails?


New things and a Indian Princess Design! :)

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all happy and shiny! :) The pictures in this post won't be amazing as I'm having to use my phone again as Ben's run off with the good camera as he is doing an engine change!

Today the mail man came and rang my doorbell with an eBay package I order literally on Monday night! Its from a seller of UK eBay pinkcircle who sells a vast range of polishes for like a £1! And the packaging was really good so no broken bottles :)

Heres what I got for £5!

Barry M's Lavender Hexograms
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow
Revlon's White on White

So I was like yellow... purple... white hummm what could I do!

***Indian Princess Design!***

For this I used:

OPI banana bandanna
SallyH mellow yellow
Sinful Colours purple
Glitter polish
Barry M lavender hexagrams
Nail pen
Scotch Tape

Started off by taping the nail diagonally

Painting OPI  two coats then a mellow yellow coat for shimmery-ness

Removed tape and painted on sinful colours purple 

Added glitter to the purple section, once dry used a nail pen in gold glitter to soften the edge

Next added the hexagrams from Barry M indervidually using my dotting tools to the gold line and finished with a gold rhinestone in the middle!

So the pictures really are NOT doing it justice but you get the idea! It wasn't till I finished I realised it was Wednesday so no pink today but you all should give this a go with pink instead of purple. 

I am super happy with my post today whoop! And the mellow yellow makes the banana bandanna look awesome! 

What do you all think.... ?


Tuesday 3 May 2011

Bornpretty give away and blue nail art!

Hey everyone!

Hope your all having a good day! I just finished my first exam of this final year so time to relax for a week!

If you all don't know BornPretty are having a give away for their craking polish set (10) so head over there and enter :) also they are doing a cute sticker freebie at the moment but limited stock so run!! Ill hopefully be getting some stuff from them this week so look out for that! Heres the link pretties :Born Pretty Contest

Anyway on to the nail design;

I used a base coat of Barry M Blueberry icecream - literally amazing drys in seconds and only needs one coat. then two layers of Miss Sporty Ice blue colour. No number or name but its like a shiny light blue. 

Then used my like nail art pens for the flowers! I like this because the layering of the polish made an awesome metallic holographic type finish :)

Hope you all like! Sorry clean ups a bit funky and my skin isn't happy at the moment!

Also Im getting my first stamping plates this week, any good polishes people can recommend other than konads expensive stuff!!


Thursday 28 April 2011

I'm Back!

Hey everyone!

Sorry about not posting in a while! Last week I did my three day diving course and I'm now an assitant open water diving instructor! YAY!

Then I went back home over the easter weekend to see my shiny family and friends. Had an awesome time! Also my parents lent me their spare digital camera so finally we have decent piccys!!

Here is a design I did when I went home. I used Barry M blueberry icecream as the base then added 3 coats of Sinful colours hottie. Then added some lines and rhinestones :) As you can see three days of diving KILLED my long nails so they are back to being stumps! :( Mega sad face! :(

Hope you all like! :) When I got back I found my China glaze- I'm Not Bitter & Naked and Sinful Colors - Let Me Go had arrived! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them but the let me go is just amazing!

Its a wonderful pearlesent colour and its purple and green and shiny! :) 

Hope you all had a good Easter! :)

Loveeeeee xxxxx