Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New things and a Indian Princess Design! :)

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all happy and shiny! :) The pictures in this post won't be amazing as I'm having to use my phone again as Ben's run off with the good camera as he is doing an engine change!

Today the mail man came and rang my doorbell with an eBay package I order literally on Monday night! Its from a seller of UK eBay pinkcircle who sells a vast range of polishes for like a £1! And the packaging was really good so no broken bottles :)

Heres what I got for £5!

Barry M's Lavender Hexograms
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow
Revlon's White on White

So I was like yellow... purple... white hummm what could I do!

***Indian Princess Design!***

For this I used:

OPI banana bandanna
SallyH mellow yellow
Sinful Colours purple
Glitter polish
Barry M lavender hexagrams
Nail pen
Scotch Tape

Started off by taping the nail diagonally

Painting OPI  two coats then a mellow yellow coat for shimmery-ness

Removed tape and painted on sinful colours purple 

Added glitter to the purple section, once dry used a nail pen in gold glitter to soften the edge

Next added the hexagrams from Barry M indervidually using my dotting tools to the gold line and finished with a gold rhinestone in the middle!

So the pictures really are NOT doing it justice but you get the idea! It wasn't till I finished I realised it was Wednesday so no pink today but you all should give this a go with pink instead of purple. 

I am super happy with my post today whoop! And the mellow yellow makes the banana bandanna look awesome! 

What do you all think.... ?



  1. Nice mani, those colours look great together.

  2. Charlotte - Thank you! Yer i thought Iv never put them together so give it a go! It still looked a bit weird but it grew on me!

  3. Nice one dear! good work done with them as well. I really appreciate you for the same.Combination and design for it is really good.